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Designer Shoe and Handbag Sale

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably already saw that I checked out the designer shoe pre-sale at Nordstrom so wanted to share my picks and also what else is going on sale.  My SA told me the details but I forgot them so the basics that I know is that some of the brands are going on sale 11/23 and some of the brands are going on sale a week later.  They still do not have the list for Chanel and Louboutin but if you go to Nordstrom, they will be able to show you the pre-sale list for the other designers.

These were my picks from the sale.

My advice to you if you can not get to Nordstrom to do a pre-sale is to stalk them online. Save the links to your bookmarks and on 11/23 click on over to try and catch them on sale!  Oh and the shoes range from 33% - 40% off their regular price.

Click through for more sale, lots of pics!

These styles will also be going on sale:

I forgot to take more pics (too excited by all the sales!) but from what I remember, these are also going on sale. 
Prada Platform Pump | Prada Covered Platform Over the Knee Boot (I'm getting these if my SA can find my size! crossing my fingers)

The higher heel Tribtoo wasn't on sale but these lower heel ones are.  I think they had a gray that was on sale.

I also stopped by the handbags department and they were also doing pre-sale.  They had it set up on a few tables so it was easy to see what was on sale.  I think most of the bags are going to be 40% off their regular price.
In the front is the Marc Jacobs Whitney, Chloe Marcie Animation and Chloe small crossbody

These two were my picks.  I got the blue Marc Jacobs on pre-sale but not sure about it yet.  I love the Chloe Marcie but since I already have one, I decided not to get it.  It looks a bit blue in this picture but it's more of an off-black. 
Marc Jacobs Karlie | Chloe Marcie

These two were also on pre-sale. I love the color.  I think this blue is going to be a big color for the spring.  

If you've never done pre-sale before, it just means that they'll hold the merchandise for you until the actual sale date.  They'll then charge your card and you can pick it up on or after that date.  So it basically just secures you that you'll get what you want without battling the crowds.  Most of the time, I still go to the store the day of the store as sometimes my SA can't find my size of a certain shoe that I like but then it will randomly pop up during the sale date so it's always good to check!

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