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Colored Lace for New Year's Eve

Friday, December 21, 2012

image from Net-a-Porter Issa Capsule Collection

When I'm flipping through magazines, I tend to tear out a lot of pages of stuff that I like (I do this because I try to toss magazines as soon as I'm done reading them or else I would hoard a million magazines.) and recently I've been tearing out pages on colored lace and I'm now on the hunt for them!  I'm thinking instead of going sparkles and sequins like I usually do for New Year's Eve, I'm going to do a fun color lace!

I love this one but they are out of my size.  On it's own it's alright but with the addition of the right accessories, it's so glam!  I'm loving the color and thinking that it would be a cute summer wedding dress too.

From L to R:
Erin Fetherston - love this gorgeous coral color and if you can't tell I'm a fan of long sleeve dresses.  I love the mixture of the lace with the silky skirt
Milly - this gray lace is so pretty.  I'd wear the blouse version of this too.  I think paired just like how they have it and a cream/off white blazer would be a great look.   (on another note, love this Milly lace top too!)
DVF - I'm not a huge fan of body hugging dresses but I do like the shape and the pretty color.  It is easy to just add a jacket or even a cozy sweater to change up the look and hide the flaws that a body hugging dress like this might highlight on its own.
T Bags - more casual than the rest but I think it would still work well for a New Year's Eve party.  I'd add some glam, blingy jewels (like this statement necklace), gold heels and a gold cutch.

I found some great casual looks too.  Love this top, love this look!  I would do a different skirt, probably this faux leather pleated skirt but still it's so cute!

Some more budget friendly options from Forever 21.

If you are in the Chicago area, I wanted to let you know that my fabulous sister is hosting an event at Escada!  I so wish I was there to go but I know she would love to have you guys there for a great evening of fashion and fun!  See the details below and RSVP if you can make it. 

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