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Lookbook: Tulle & Chanel

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I'm Wearing
SheInside Blouse - I love the girly details of this blouse.  I've had pretty good luck thus far with my SheInside blouses, I also love this mint blouse and pretty lace blouse.
Ebay Tulle Skirt - I was on a hunt for a tulle skirt for awhile (I thought it might be cute to wear with a baby bump but I may be re-thinking that now. ha!) and could not find one in a decent price range until I randomly decided to look Ebay and there it was for cheap!  The quality actually isn't that bad and it fits great so if you are looking for a tulle skirt, I highly recommend getting it from there!  I just saw that ModCloth has one for a good price and is a lot poofier than mine.
Manolo Blahnik Pumps - Mine have sequins on them which make them a bit fancy but I still wear them all the time.  Loving the studded versions too.
Vintage Chanel purse - see my tips on where/how to buy Vintage Chanel bags.
t+j Designs Red Pave Link Bracelet | Leopard Bracelet | Black & Gold Chain Bracelet
Gold Bow Ring | Gold Star Ring | Enamel Bow Tie Ring
Gel Nails thanks to Couture Gel Nails!  See my review here.

Maybe it's the baby girl growing inside of me but I'm feeling extra girly these days :)  I know a tulle skirt isn't the most practical of items but after seeing a few pictures on pinterest of girls wearing them, I just had to have one!

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