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{Style} One More Time...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

 photo IMG_9777_zpsb5f0d97c.jpg  photo IMG_9807_zpse5328901.jpg  photo IMG_9709_zps3f9a8f5a.jpg  photo IMG_9745_zps120dea76.jpg  photo IMG_9691_zps1b20b699.jpg

If you were driving down the streets of Calgary yesterday and saw a girl flashing you in a black skirt, that was probably me. But hey, YOU try controlling your hair and skirt on a mega-windy day... Not easy. Luckily we were able to keep it together long enough to snap a few pics and minimize the number of creepy dudes making even creepier comments. And for the record guys, yelling "pull up your skirt" at a girl on the side of the road is probably not the best way to make an impression... Sorry to break it to you.

Happy Thursday, friends! Hope everyone has a nice, catcall-free day... xx

Outfit details: striped blouse- Forever 21; skirt- American Apparel; crossbody- Coach; spike pumps- ShoeMint; necklaces- Forever 21; ring- J.Crew; watch- Michael Kors

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