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Shopping with me: Nordstrom & J Crew

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Had some time to go shopping last week so wanted to share some of my dressing room pics and finds.

I stopped by the Prada boutique at Nordstrom and loved seeing the new colors/styles for fall.  You may have already seen this pic on instagram but this is a much better view of the bags.

I've been debating about the Saffiano Lux Tote for awhile now and even though I ended up getting the YSL Chyc, I always come back to look at this bag.  I don't have any navy bags but I think I may have changed my mind from a beige Prada to either this navy blue or even the purple.  I've been looking at blue bags lately (have my eye on this new Proenza) and spotted the Balenciaga Hip in this pretty blue.
Prada Saffiano Lux Tote | Balenciaga Hip Bag

click for more shopping finds...
I have been on the hunt for a faux leather skirt and spotted this one online so I went to Nordstrom to try it on.  It's really cute on although the faux leather is very "faux" but considering the price point, I'm okay with that.  While I was there, I spotted this blazer and cute button down that I had to try on.  The button down has faux leather lapel and cuffs which is really cute!  The jacket comes in quite a few colors and prints.  I love the cuffed sleeves as that's how I always wear my blazers.  It's unlined but other than that the material is a nice silky feeling and it fits nicely in the shoulders.
Lush Print Blazer (wearing XS) | Faux Leather Skirt (wearing size Small)

Faux Leather Trim Shirt (size XS on the left and size Small on the right)
 if you are wondering this was a different day than the rest of the pics.  The purple pants I'm wearing are Madewell Colorpop jeans

J Crew had a few cute things on sale and as you can see, I was apparently only attracted to the striped items! 
Multistripe long-sleeve boatneck tee  - (wearing XS) This top was super soft.  I almost would wear this to bed!  The burgundy stripes are perfect for fall and the price ($34.99) for J Crew was pretty good.  I would've preferred the smaller size since it kind of pooled around my waist and didn't make it very attractive but it wasn't available in store.
Rugby-stripe boatneck top - (wearing XXS) This top is less stretchy than the top on the left so it was a bit tighter around the bust for me.  I have to be careful when I buy J Crew tops because their non stretchy tops are always quite small in the bust and I'm bigger in that department so often times I get the pulling in the chest that's quite unattractive. The rest of the fit though, was great and love the color combo.

Jules dress in stripe silk twill - (wearing size 0)  One warning about this dress, the shoulders have absolutely no give so I actually tried on the 00 and got stuck!!  It wasn't that it was too small for me, it fit fine.  But you know how you have to lift your arms up to get the dress over your head and so my shoulders would hinder it from going above my head!  The top part of the dress is just very constricting.  I was in the dressing room thinking that either I was going to have to call the SA over to come help me pull it over my head or just buy it and act like I wanted to wear it out of the store.  LOL!  Anyway, I did finally get it off so I tried on the 0 because I had to see if it would work better.  It was just slightly too wide on me (but would be okay with alterations) but with the trauma of getting stuck in the other one, I left it behind. :)
Colorblock Stripe Top - (wearing size 0) I didn't love the bagginess of the top (wide stripes + bagginess is not good) even on the model you can tell it's not the greatest fit so I think even if I sized down, I'm not sure I would like it. I can kind of understand why it went on sale so quickly.

So yeah, not the best shopping trip other than the blazer and the faux leather skirt which I love.  Hopefully J Crew will have better fits next time!

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