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My Signature Style

Friday, February 22, 2013

I don't tend to have a distinct style that I can easily classify but I definitely have a formula of how I like to dress.  It's often a combination of classic pieces but in bright colors and/or patterns mixed with neutrals and most likely a pair of sky high heels!  Jewelry has always been a huge part of my outfits even before I started my jewelry line but now it's so much more prominent. I'd say that with this mix of details it makes up my "signature style" and you'll always find it in every outfit that I put together.

As you can see with some of my recent outfits, I apply the same basic formula but I don't always put all of them together at once.  I just pick and choose certain aspects for each outfit.
Right: J Crew Sweater | Madewell Jeans |  Roberto Del Carlo Boots
Full Lookbook Details here and here

You'll rarely see me in head to toe black, I love to have one color be the focus of the outfit and although sometimes I keep my jewelry fairly minimal, you'll always see a stack of bracelets on one wrist.
Full Lookbook Details here and here

I guess it's become a signature style without me even realizing it but it does make picking out outfits much easier when I have these details in mind!

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