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iPhone #OOTD (Winter style!)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Some outfits that made it to my instagram but not on the blog...

Always bow obsessed (as you can tell from my recent post).  I'm loving our new bow bangles (have you seen the crystal encrusted ones?  My new fave!)  The J Crew cardigan is from last year but still a favorite.

Husband got me some new shoes for Christmas.  I call them my "mommy shoes and date night shoes"  I'm still a heels girl (even when I'm pushing a stroller) but for those days when I'm out running errands and just carrying Layla around I need something a bit more practical so I love the Nike Sky Hi's with the hidden wedge.  Still makes me a bit tall but very comfy to run around in!

I've worn this sweater too many times to count this winter.  I love the bright red lips, even if Layla does attempt to rip each rhinestone off every time I wear it.  It's on sale now!
Bracelets: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

A new necklace and one that always gets compliments whenever I wear it!

My new printed jeans have been a great alternative to just regular blue jeans.  And I haven't worn any of my blazers all winter (blazers are so hard to wear under winter jackets!) but luckily stayed inside most of the day for this outfit.

I was glad to have bought the Hunter x Rag and Bone boots early in the fall but funny enough it hasn't rained that much this year!  But the times that it has been a downpour I'm thankful to have these boots.  They really are the best for rainy days!

A recent outfit I wore to the office and then out shopping.  Easy and comfy!  Love the hearts and my very old OTK boots!

I haven't been much of a vest girl until recently and realized just how warm they really do keep you.  Also, after putting this post together, I do realize I wear way too much J Crew :)

A typical arm stack and the cutest studded hair tie.  I don't even want to tie my hair back with it, I just like wearing it as a bracelet!

I randomly came upon these leather-like leggings at Target and I can't even tell you how obsessed I am with them.  They are one of the best faux leather leggings I've come across!  Only the front panel is "leather" the back is just a ponte type fabric but man they are so comfy and look so good.  AND they are only $19.99!  I'm going back to Target just to get another pair as I think I may wear these ones out!

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