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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First of all, congratulations to my sister and her husband as their baby boy arrived yesterday!  I'm an Aunt!  So happy for them and I can't wait to meet my nephew soon.

Just a quick little post on some new additions to my closet that I am excited to wear...
I usually have a few summer vacations planned out by now but my schedule is crazy these days as I'm traveling about 2 weeks out of the month so fitting in a vacation has been hard.  I'm finally getting pretty close to booking a girl's weekend in Vegas and some time for hubs and I in Cabo so I'm excited just thinking about some beach time!  Hapari let me pick out a suit from their site and I usually go for a printed bikini but this coral tankini caught my eye and I love having something different to wear to the beach/pool now!  I was slightly weary of the molded cups but they actually fit great, the only thing is that it's made for someone with a much longer torso than me.  When I wear the top, it actually comes down so far that it doesn't look like I'm wearing bottoms.  Not good!  So I'm going to have to take it to my tailor to shorten it.  Other than that, I adore the color and the style.  And those of you that have trouble finding bottoms that fit (if you have a flat butt like me) these are perfect!  No droopy butt!

I love long sleeve dresses and actually wear them a lot in the spring so I've been pulling all my dresses out lately.  LAmade recently sent over this gorgeous floral dress that I think will be perfect for an outdoor wedding that I'm going to.  I'm going to pair it with some bright pink shoes!

Some new sparkly flats!  I will have to say though, that the first time I wore these they were super painful because they were so tight!  I ended up stuffing the toes with some thick gym socks to stretch them out for a few days and now they fit fine. 
Miu Miu Flats (similar and similar on sale)
hubs and I walking the dogs in new shoes :)

Also a follow up on my Gap shopping post, I ordered the red pants in petite sizing since the sizes in store were too big on me but these pants in petite are so hilariously short!  While the sizing was fine in the waist, the inseam was so short that it looked like I was wearing weird crop flare pants.  Even in flats!  Not cute at all.  Just wanted to let those of you know that were thinking about trying the petite sizing.  Probably best only if you are shorter than me (I'm 5'2").
And I ordered the maxi dress in pink but the front was so weird and bunchy that it looked terrible.  Stick with the striped one as it hides that bunching a lot more.  So no luck there, returning both!

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