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Designer shoe sale haul

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's my bi-annual designer shoe sale haul :)  I tend to save up all my money and buy most of my shoes only twice a year during the sales.  I always end up buying a ton of shoes because I can never resist a good sale especially on shoes!  Well, this year I actually found a pretty bag that was on sale too so I definitely can not keep all of these but thought I'd show you what I ended up getting and maybe you can let me know which ones I should return?  I really do need your help as I love them all!

I completely forgot to take "real" (not iPhone) pics of these Fendi pumps but I instagrammed them last week.  They are so cute and I've been eyeing them forever, couldn't believe the black ones went on sale!  I can't find them on sale anymore, seems like they are back to being full price.

click through for the rest of my haul!

These Miu Miu flats I'm definitely keeping (seeing as how I've worn them already as you might've seen on my instagram). Aren't they so pretty?  I love how they sparkle!  Bluefly currently has them on sale.

I got these from Net-a-Porter and I didn't see them anywhere else on sale.  I've been wanting a pair of Maniac pumps for awhile so was very glad to see these go on sale.  Definitely not a color for the faint of heart but I love bold color shoes so I think I'll get lots of wear from them.  They are sold out of my color but they still have a few on sale in pink (60% off now), pink suede and nude suede.

These YSL booties were a lucky score as my SA at Nordstrom told me I got the only pair in store and they were my size!  I'm a fan of the tributes as I already have the pumps and mary janes and find them all to be very comfortable.  I love the cap toe on these!  SSENSE has the all leather version as well as the cap toe tributes on sale

I love the color of these Jimmy Choo pumps but out of my haul these are probably my least exciting pair.  I do like to have classic pumps in different colors and textures which was what attracted me to these but I'm a bit undecided if they are worth keeping over my other shoes.  The good news for those of you that are interested in them, they are now 60% off at Nordstrom! I got them for 40% off so waiting it out is always worth it but I'm too afraid of missing out on my size so I just snag them when I can.

Lastly are the most gorgeous Prada boots.  I have a hard time finding boots and these may just be perfection in a boot.  HOWEVER they are suede and Seattle is so rainy and gross that I hesitate to spend this much money on boots that I can't wear very often.  I do wish they were leather but I was lucky at least finding these in my size.  They are OTK boots however, they look great scrunched down too so I like that they can double as knee high boots too.  These are the same ones but in leather.

A lot of places are already marking down their designer merchandise to 60% off.  Sizes are slim but you never know, you might get lucky!  Make sure to check out Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter and Barney's!

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