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Random Friday: Beauty Faves and J Crew Sale

Friday, February 15, 2013

Just throwing a few random things into a post :)
I posted my nails on my instagram and facebook the other day and had a few people ask for a tutorial. Well, no tutorial is needed as these are stickers!  Just paint, stick, cut the sticker to your nail size, top with a top coat!  The easiest nail design ever!  I got mine from this Etsy seller but if you do a search for "Chevron Nail Decals" you'll find a bunch of options.  They don't last very long (mine last around 4-5 days) and you'll have to re-apply the top coat to keep the edges from curling but I still think they are worth it for the cute and easy nail design.  (Bracelets are from my jewelry line)

My latest make up routine includes the most amazing mascara ever.  Benefit's They're Real! Mascara is quite possibly the best mascara I've used in my life.  Since I've been using this, people comment on how long my lashes are constantly.  For an added fullness to my lashes I've been adding 2-3 individual falsies at the corners of my eyes.  I've long given up the strip lashes that I used to love when I was younger but these individual lashes are the perfect amount to give your eyes just an added look of fullness to your lashes.  They also blend in so well with your real lashes that people can not tell that you have falsies on.  Along with the mascara, it's an amazing combination!  (I should mention that I use regular lash glue so I can take them off at night, not the stronger glue that they recommend with individual lashes - you have to use a special remover to get that glue off!)

Here's a few photos with the mascara + lashes combination.

J Crew is currently having a 30% off sale promo so here are a few that I tried on in store that got a thumbs up from me.  Not all are available online so I suggest checking in store as they had quite a few different styles than online.
Tippi Sweater (available online in solid)
Boy Shirt (available online in plaid)

And my bow coat is on sale as well but looks like they are sold out of the pink.  Lookbook details here.

My jewelry line is also celebrating President's Day with an additional 30% off sale!  There's lots of styles perfect for spring!  Use code 30SALE.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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