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January iPhone photos

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I love iPhone photo recaps but I can't seem to keep up with my weekly recaps so thought I'd do one for all the photos I took in January.  If you're on my facebook you might have already seen some of these so apologies for the repeats!

Just a few indulgences...
  • Starting off the new year with Top Pot doughnuts - this time it was cinammon sugar blueberry
  • a latte and doughnut at my all time favorite Espresso Vivace (okay I'm cheating this was the day after Christmas, hence the Christmas sprinkles) :)
  • We've frequented the Skillet Food Truck and it is SO good, so when they opened up a restaurant - Skillet Diner - we had to try it out.  I had the Fried Chicken Sammy - fennel seed crust, pickled and charred jalapeño aioli, kale, potato bread.  It was amazing.  Definitely will be back.
  • Marination Station is also a restaurant of a food truck - Marination Mobile - and I tried a Kalbi taco and a spicy pork slider.  Both YUMMY and cheap.  Double thumbs up, especially for having Hawaiian Sun drinks!
  • Hubs' beer and my wine served in Mason Jars at Skillet Diner.  The next week I went out and bought those same mason jars and now drink my wine out of them at home.  HAHA! But seriously, I've shattered so many wine glasses, this is a fabulous alternative.  Thanks for the idea Skillet!
OMG snowpocalypse!  It wasn't too bad this year... although lots and lots of people lost power for many days :(  I feel for you guys if you went through that!  We were able to stay warm and still go out most of the days. 
  • My husband and me on our way to lunch with my brother and his girlfriend.  It was my brother's birthday and we were supposed to go home and see my parents that day but didn't end up making it because of the snow so we took my brother out to a birthday lunch instead. (see below)
  • Savvy in her snow jacket.  It's Juicy Couture and from a few years ago. 
  • Snow outfit - lots of layers.  Also, this is what I do when husband shops at Niketown.  I take photos of my outfit.  LOL
  • We went to Brave Horse Tavern, one of Tom Douglas' new restaurants.  I've been there several times and everything has been good, however quite expensive and kind of not really worth it?  I think I prefer Palace Kitchen for the same prices.  Like those Chicken Nuggets were good (not amazing but good) and they were $9 for 6 nuggets.  The sweet potato fries were awesome though but I love sweet potato fries.
    I just posted a ton of food pictures but I really am eating healthy most days and back to working out 4-5 times a week.  I am still using the Nike Training Club app and still loving it.  Also taking a few circuit training classes at the gym.  I've lost all my "holiday weight" and then some.  Although I will say that working out does not contribute so much to my weight loss as does my diet.  They say losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise (or something like that) which is very much the case for me.  I work out to feel good, healthy and strong.  It's amazing the difference of your overall mood and how you feel when you work out a few times a week.  That feeling alone is what motivates me to go to the gym.  Well, that and it's a great stress reliever for me.
    • Got some new shoes and workout clothes, because hey a girl likes to look good even while sweating it out!  Wearing Nike LunarGlides , Lululemon Racerback Top, Nike running capris and Lululemon headband.  (ha! I'm very partial to these two brands)
    • I usually do not take pictures of myself while working out but I really loved my new shoes that my husband bought for me so wanted to take a picture to show him.  His work schedule is crazy these days so he and I don't get to go to the gym together as often as we did before.
    My husband caught a really bad cold so I had to do a drugstore run to get him cough medicine and stuff.  But of course, I can never go to the drugstore without looking at the cosmetic section and picked up some stuff that was on sale.
    • I hadn't seen any reviews of the Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara but was intrigued by the display.  I tried it when I got home and OMG this fiber mascara really works!  Look how much longer it made my eyelashes!  This was after 2 coats of mascara.  It looks like I'm wearing false lashes right?  I can't stop raving about this mascara, I love it!
    • I've been using the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow as a shadow base and it works great.  Makes your eyeshadow last all day.  I already have two Revlon Lip Butters that I've been using like crazy so also picked up "Berry Smoothie" and "Peach Sorbet".  I'm wearing the Berry Smoothie in the photo above. 
    I'm constantly taking photos of my jewelry line to make sure that it's wearable and looks nice on so I have a ton of photos of our jewelry on my phone.  Oh and we are extending our free shipping promo until Feb 7th so if you want to send a hint to your significant other, they can get it on time for Valentine's Day and get free shipping!january_iphone3
    And a few purchases that I made...
    • I got my husband's birthday gift at Mr. Porter and it came beautifully packaged, just like Net-a-Porter (their women's site) orders.  They even personalized it with a handwritten note with his name on it!
    • The Foley and Corinna Disco City bag that you saw in this lookbook.  It's sooo cute and I love that it's pink suede.  Something I would never get in a bigger bag but totally works in this size.
    • New Miu Miu pumps that were an ebay score!  I'm not very good with ebay, I watch auctions but then never remember to bid on them or if I bid on them, I never watch it closely enough to win them.  BUT I scored these on an amazing "buy it now" price so was super excited as I lusted after these when they came out a few seasons ago and thought that I'd never be able to get them.  They have stitching on the platform as well as on the back on the heel.  Will have better pics soon!
    • The purple Prada booties that I mentioned in Monday's post that I somehow scored on sale at Nordstrom this year even though I got my black ones last year.  I swear they just had this one pair sitting in the back and someone found it and put it on the sale rack for me to find!
    My parent's also work with my sister and I on t+j Designs (it's a family business, even my brother and my husband help out) and we had a couple of meetings to go to so my dad picked me up in the morning and we ended up spending the day doing fun stuff like sitting at Starbucks with our iPads and discussing our future business plans and then stopping in Chinatown for delicious Taiwanese food and of course, working.  But when you work for yourself and especially on a business that you love, it doesn't feel like working at all.  It really does just seem like fun!  
    Well, there was my January!  I can't believe we are already one month into 2012!

    *all photos taken on my iPhone 4.  Some were edited with Cross Process (the ones with the frames around it) and the others I edited in Photoshop.

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